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Mini Succulent Arrangement Face Vase.jpg

Beauty Vase Mini Planter + Succulent

The feminine facial features of this cute little planter make it fun and interesting. 
Size: 2.75"x3.5". 
$19 (+tax)

The Growing Garden Succulent Arrangement.png

The Growing Garden + Large Variety of Succulents

The Growing Garden is packed with a large variety of beautiful succulents. This low maintenance arrangement will look stunning in any room! This modern container is dip dyed cement.Size: 6.75" x 5.25".
$49 (+tax)

Mini Cactus Arrangement.png

Mini Aztec Planter + Mini Cactus

Mini ceramic planter with a tiny cactus, tons of cuteness!  
Size: 2.5"x3"
$15 (+tax)

Moss Heart and Wood.png

Moss Heart + Wood

This 10.5" x10.5" hand made piece will brighten up any room! The moss is preserved and does not require any maintenance! No water, no light, no problems! 
$30 (+tax)

Copper Succulent Planter.png

Shine Bright! Copper Planter + Succulent

Beauty Face Vase Succulent Arrangement.png

Beauty Vase Large Planter + Succulent

The feminine facial features of this cute planter make it fun and interesting. 
Size: 4"x5.25"
$31 (+tax)

Blush Mercury Glass

Blush Mercury Glass + Succulent

This beautiful blushing mercury glass is elegant, shiny and is a great miniature statement piece. Cute alone or grouped with others. Size: 2.5"x3"
$15 (+tax)

Dramatic, elegant and modern. If you like metallics, this is the planter for you! 
Size: 4.25" x 4.25"