How To Easily Add Green To Your Home (+ It's Maintenance Free!)

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Do you have a space in your home that needs just a little more pizazz? Our forest fragments are the perfect way to add a touch of green beauty to your space.

We are crazy about adding elements of nature to every part of our lives through Biophlic Design. We know it’s not always feasible to have a full living wall or moss wall in your home, but Forest Fragments offer the perfect addition!

What Are Forest Fragments?

Our Forest Fragments are interesting wood shapes filled with natural elements great for clustering and adding green to any space. These special pieces will quickly add a touch of beauty to your home or office and help you feel more relaxed in your space.

Our Forest Fragments feature preserved moss tucked inside hollowed-out organic pieces of wood. Because the moss is preserved, it offers a fun maintenance-free solution for your interior decor and they are such interesting pieces of art!

We believe that every person should have some elements of greenery in their space and our Forest Fragments are the perfect mixture of art and nature to greenify your home!

How Forest Fragments Were Created

Forest Fragments were developed from a love of the forest and all the natural textures and colors that nature provides.

Our founder, Jessie grew up playing in the woods. She spent so much of her childhood exploring, hunting for and collecting little pieces of nature. Her love of nature was born then and continues to inspire Planthropy’s mission. Forest Fragments are inspired by those elements.

A combination of textures and creativity, Forest Fragments are her way of helping you reconnect with nature.

How Are They Made?

Our handcrafted Forest Fragments are made using high quality preserved moss from the forest floors of Norway. We use found pieces of wood that have been hollowed out to create a nesting place for the beautiful moss elements. 

We use premium moss that has been preserved pristinely and retains its vibrant color and lush texture. Our moss is durable and does not disintegrate and crumble when you touch it giving it an everlasting quality. 

We use wood from fallen trees from a variety of hardwoods found in Thailand. Each piece has been hand-selected, sanded and sealed to protect the grain of the wood.

Each piece has a double-sided hanger so you can easily display it on your walls. Because each shape is organic and unique, the double-sided hanger allows you to choose which side you want on top. The hanger can be removed if you want to create a fun tablescape instead of hanging them on a wall. 

Bring Nature Into Your Home or Office

Last week, we learned that 90% of our days are spent inside – chances are you need something to reconnect to nature!

Forest Fragments are our way of sending you a touch of nature without the fuss of maintenance. These preserved moss and wood pieces will stay green and continue to bring elements of the outdoors in. Our favorite part is that each piece is beautifully handcrafted making them all unique. 

If you are working in a small cubicle without a window in sight, a cluster of forest fragments will add greenery to your workspace. Having biophilic elements in the office will help cheer you up when the midday energy drop inevitably hits you.

Forest Fragments – Planthropy

Give A Unique Gift

Forest fragments make great gifts! We have a few customers who prefer them as a host gift instead of wine. They are, of course, also great for holidays, birthdays, Christmas gifts, you name it!

Designing With Your Forest Fragments

Forest Fragments – Planthropy

We all have that space in our home that just feels blank and needs something special.

Our Forest Fragments spruce up the empty tables and walls screaming for a little green love.

We love using them in our home and in the office in various ways for a creative touch of nature.

Here are some ways you can use the forest fragments in your home:

  • A cluster above your workspace or on your desk

  • As a coffee table centerpiece

  • Add them to a gallery wall for a green twist. Or create an entire gallery wall of them!

  • Use them in an entryway to greet your guest with a burst of nature

  • Create a green-themed wedding tablescape 

  • Add a cluster to your windowless bathroom

  • Green up your bookshelves

  • Hang them on your kitchen wall 

  • Create a green theme in your nursery 

Our plant friend lauren showcaseD her forest fragments in her plant room!

Our plant friend lauren showcaseD her forest fragments in her plant room!